OnlyFans model responds after school suspends son due to her adult content

OnlyFans model sara blake cheekTwitter/saracheeky1

An OnlyFans model is blasting away at critics accusing her of “robbing her son of his childhood” after he was suspended from school when her content was discovered.

Last month it was revealed that a school suspended the son OnlyFans star Sara Blake Cheek after finding her account, resulting in the model going viral.

Following the news, many haters began accusing Cheek of robbing her son of his childhood and “purposely wanting him to get bullied.” However, the millionaire model isn’t backing down.

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According to Cheek, the school’s decision to suspend her son isn’t her fault and she has had enough of the discrimination towards those who make OF content.

Model hits back after school suspends son over her OnlyFans

As reported by The Star, Cheek defended herself as a mother and took aim at those who don’t agree with her job at OnlyFans.

“My kids are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. They also are raised to love others and know when someone is bullying them, it’s a them problem not a you issue,” she said.

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onlyfans model sara blake cheekTwitter/saracheeky1
Sara Blake Cheek’s son was suspended after his school found her OnlyFans.

“Lastly, this is my job. I’ve been able to expand my career in multiple industries. Lots of love in our home. The adults who targeted a child with sensory processing disorder, manipulated him, and made him cry, deserve every misery they incur on a daily,” she added.

In addition to being suspended from school, Cheek had also been briefly banned from being able to attend her son’s sporting events. The last time of which, she had a feud with a religious teacher at a hockey game.

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“My son does not deserve to be discriminated against, neither does my family. If you don’t like what I do, ask yourself why it bothers you,” she concluded.

The suspension came amid a tsunami of scandalous stories involving OnlyFans models such as a teacher who filmed content on students’ desks and another being arrested for indecent exposure.