Teacher calls cops on OnlyFans mom after heated faceoff at son’s hockey game

onlyfans model gets into fight with teacherTwitter/saracheeky1

An OnlyFans mom whose son was suspended from school due to her content got into a fiery exchange with a Christian teacher at a hockey game that needed police to get involved.

OnlyFans model Sara Blake Cheek has been making headlines for her spicy videos and warning parents about how their OnlyFans accounts can lead to discrimination.

Things reached a boiling point during her son’s recent hockey game in Florida when a Christian school teacher began hurling insults at her.

According to Cheek, the confrontation eventually resulted in a police officer intervening, but things didn’t go the teacher’s way at all.

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onlyfans mom sara blake cheekTwitter/saracheeky1
OnlyFans model Sara Blake Cheek stood her ground against a teacher.

OnlyFans model and teacher square off at hockey game

If you’ve ever been to a hockey game, chances are you’ve seen a fight. While it’s legal for players to punch each other in the face, the same can’t be said for spectators.

Over the years, we’ve seen stories about hockey dads taking things too seriously, but Sara Blake Cheek proved that moms are no exception.

“I was watching my son’s last hockey game, was cussed at by another mom on the team (Christian school teacher) who screamed f**king b*tch at me in the stands several times,” the OF model wrote on Twitter.

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Speaking with Daily Star, Cheek recalled how the teacher was trash-talking the team of 9-year-olds and how they apparently sucked.

“I had to correct her and use my knowledge in sports to try to help her understand at this age it’s all about coaching,” Cheek said. “That opened a can of worms because her immediate response was saying ‘you’re a f**king b*tch’ loudly over and over again. She screamed it, tried to get up in my face and while screaming the abuse she covered her little girl’s ears.”

Eventually, the teacher had to leave the stands, but not before demanding a police officer escort the model out of the game, but it turns out the cop had already befriended Cheek’s “hot mom group.”

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Hilariously, the cop ended up just flirting with the mothers, who asked him to cuff them and even make TikTok videos.

This bizarre battle happened less than a month after Cheek revealed that her son was suspended from school after her OnlyFans account was discovered.

Luckily for Cheek, this latest incident didn’t result in anyone being sent to the proverbial penalty box.