Olivia Ponton & Kio Cyr reveal why they ended their relationship

Virginia Glaze
Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton riding an ATVkiocyr, Instagram

TikTok stars Olivia Ponton and Kio Cyr are are two of the internet’s biggest darlings, touted for their adorable relationship that is nothing less than #goals — but now, it seems the pair has shockingly parted ways.

Ponton and Cyr made their relationship public in mid-April after weeks of laying low, with Ponton finally coming clean about their romance in a humorous TikTok embracing her new boo.

The two went on to post multiple photos and TikToks together, quickly becoming one of the net’s hottest couples — but their love life took an unexpected turn just two months later.

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In a series of social media posts, both stars revealed that they had parted ways, with Olivia calling it “One of the hardest things I’ve had to do” in an emotional Tweet.

“I will always love you,” she continued.

Ponton broke the news first via a post in her Instagram story, writing, “Some beautiful things come to an end. I forever wish you the best. Thank you for everything, I appreciate you always.”

Olivia Ponton Instagram story Kio Cyr breakupolivia.ponton, Instagram
Ponton broke the news of her breakup with Kio Cyr in an emotional post via her Instagram Story on June 24.

Cyr likewise spoke out on the situation via Twitter, seeming to echo Ponton’s sentiments of their surprise split being an incredibly difficult situation on both sides.

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“You’ll always have my heart,” Cyr Tweeted. “I wish you the best, angel.”

“I love you, forever and always,” he continued. “Always and forever.”

While the duo didn’t come clean as to the specific reason for their breakup, the news comes as a total shock to fans and followers of their romance, with many expressing dismay that the two split apart so suddenly.

Their separation comes just a week after the split of yet another high-profile TikTok couple in Nessa Barret and Josh Richards, with Barret claiming they were “drifting apart so we can focus on ourselves.”

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“There comes a point in a relationship where you realize that maybe it isn’t the best for you guys to be together,” Richards also stated in their emotional video on the topic.

With so many popular TikTok couples calling it quits, fans are speculating even more breakups down the road as they stand in solidarity with Ponton and Cyr’s heartwrenching decision.

UPDATE: Cyr has since revealed the specifics behind their breakup, admitting that their fans played a part in their decision to separate as told in an Instagram live stream on June 25.

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“It wasn’t just her and I,” Cyr clarified. “It was also your guys’ relationship, and that was one of the main reasons why we came out about it. …all I can say is that I’ll always love her and that she’ll always have my heart.”

Cyr declined to go into other reasons for their parting, claiming that the information was best kept between the two of them, and reiterated that he will always have love for Ponton regardless of their relationship status.

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