Oliver Tree & Planters design limited-edition DIY mullet wig ahead of retirement tour

Zackerie Fairfax
Oliver Tree nuts

Rockstar turned country music icon Oliver Tree has teamed up with Planters to design a DIY mullet wig, and he’s taking his three-seat bike on the road to share his Sweet & Spicy music one last time.

In January of 2022, Oliver Tree made the switch from rowdy punk rock music to melodic alternative country. The musician was meant to retire after the release of his first album ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’, but now plans to retire after his ‘Cowboy Tears One Last Ride’ tour.

Tree is touring 26 states with influencers and musicians Huddy and Jawny. And to celebrate Oliver’s last dance, he and Planters have developed a DIY mullet wig that die-hard fans can add to their collection.

In an interview with Dexerto, Oliver Tree detailed the reason for developing a DIY wig, how he has prepared to bike across America, and how he plans to shift his career following the tour.

oliver tree planters
Oliver Tree has partnered with Planters to produce his own DIY wig.

Explaining the Planters Sweet & Spicy DIY mullet wig

Oliver Tree is often associated with his sweet hairstyles and spicy attitude. But in January, he made the switch from the classic bowl cut to the platinum blonde ‘bullet’ ( a bowl cut mullet combo). So, we asked if he had seen more success in his career since the shock switch in style.

“I think only time will tell. The bowl cut, you know, I had a solid five years with that. And the bullet – this new and improved version of the bow cut – it’s been a very short ride with that. The bowl cut has been around for a while… but I think where I have an advantage with the ‘bullet’ is that it’s something very unique.

“I got to evolve myself, and have a self-evolution with this new haircut,” Oliver stated in regards to the ‘bullet’. “I was trapped as the guy with the bowl cut for a while. As I evolved as a human, it was nice to have a haircut that reflects that. It’s pretty awesome that [myself and Planters] get a chance to partner together, and we are selling these Sweet & Spicy mullets.”

The Planters x Oliver Tree Sweet & Spicy Mullet drops on Friday, August 12 at 12 PM EST. It retails at $4.49 USD and is only available while supplies last. You can get your own wig by visiting PlantersxOliverTree.com.

Tree stated that he wants the wig to symbolize how far he’s come over the past five years. He also stated, “It not only allows them to embrace the kind of culture I’m trying to create but also for them to create their own culture around that.”

Touring 26 states on a three-seat bike

Oliver claims that the ‘Cowboy Tears One Last Ride’ tour will lead into his retirement, but he isn’t going out without a bang. According to a recent TikTok and a confirmation during the interview, he will be riding across 26 states piloting a three-seat tandem bike.

Tree stated that he has been working out 6 to 18 hours a day depending on his schedule in preparation for the trek. He also claims to be on a strict “high protein” peanut diet with an occasional Sweet & Spicey filet mignon thrown in.

While we couldn’t confirm the information during the interview, Tree claims he has never skipped leg day and his “huge quads” will provide all of the horsepower needed to get the trio across the states.

As for fans wanting to get a Sweet & Spicy Mullet wig on tour, Oliver state, “I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but there are some rumors going around that there may be some lucky fans who get a chance to have this custom wig brought to them by the man himself.”

oliver tree planters
The Planters x Oliver Tree Sweet & Spicy DIY Mullet comes with a jar of Sweet & Spicy Peanuts

What comes after One Last Ride?

Oliver Tree’s switch from rock to country music was a shock, but nearly as shocking as his next big move. While the second part of his country album ‘Cowboy Tears Drown the World in a Swimming Pool Full of Sorrow’ will see the musician return to rock, he claims he won’t be returning to music after the tour.

According to Tree, he’s moving into the culinary arts following his tour with Huddy. “It’s been a great ride with music, but the truth is I’m moving more toward the ‘culinary excellence’ as I refer to it. That’s why I’m so excited to work with Planters. I was trying to customize my own flavor, but the truth is they had already made the perfect flavor.”

In a short but Sweet explanation, Oliver Tree is “getting into the nut business.” As he moves away from music he plans to explore the world of food (mainly nuts). He says that for anywho who hasn’t tried the Sweet & Spicy nuts, they will “see the vision” if and when they do try them.

This isn’t Oliver Tree’s first time he’s teased an exit from music, but his first rodeo wasn’t accompanied by a deal as sweet as his one with Planters. Tree continues to live the dream spreading his ‘bullet’ far and wide while diving into the culinary world as a nut connoisseur.