Man shows off PC built inside guitar & leaves community confused

Rebecca Hills-Duty
PC built into a guitar

A Reddit user showed off an unusual ‘sleeper’ PC that was literally built into a classical guitar, and the community reacted with confusion.

Not all PC builds are created equal. There is a minor trend amongst some amateur PC builders to create what are termed ‘sleeper builds’. These are gaming PCs that are housed inside a case that is innocuous or somehow unusual.

The word unusual certainly describes the PC found by Reddit user FaceplantingOpossum, which was housed inside the body of a guitar.

The community of the subreddit r/PCMasterRace was understandably confused as they noted several bizarre features in this build. The outside appears to be a relatively normal classical guitar, albeit one that inexplicably has an Audi hub cap covering the soundhole.

It is the image of the internal components that raised the most questions, however. Several commenters pointed out that the CPU was inexplicably missing its cooler, making the community wonder how exactly this bit of tech was meant to function.

Others were more enthusiastic, with one poster called InherentSteam55 demanding their own version of the build. Of course, some people asked if it ran Doom, Crysis, or Minecraft.

Others got entertainment out of exploiting the musical connection, with a poster called 2Mark2Manic quoting This is Spinal Tap to say: “But you see, it goes up to 11.”

PC built into a guitar

Some absolutely could not resist the pun implied by the presence of the Audi hub cap, as poster Miscemailaccount2023 demonstrated by saying: “It’s for Audi-ophiles.”

The final word, however, went to this quote: “Took.. one of my favorite types of guitars… and just… The face of whoever made this creation was not carefully crafted by the loving hand of god.. but battered into shape by the devil’s cold hammer.”