Ninja’s Iconic Streaming Setup to Undergo Major Changes

Twitch’s biggest star, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, is set to make some major changes to his famous streaming setup, according to a  statement made by his wife.

There’s really no denying that fact that Ninja is the “man of the moment” when it comes to online entertainment in 2018 as he pulls in hundreds of thousands of viewers on a daily basis.

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The former professional Halo player has been streaming for a long time but he really blew up when he switched to the incredibly popular Fortnite Battle Royale and started smashing Twitch records on an almost daily basis.

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But one thing that has barely changed is Ninja’s iconic, and rather budget, streaming setup with the wires hanging down behind him and the old bed in the background.

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The streaming room has gradually filled up with more items, freebies from sponsors and companies, and even even some cool Fortnite related items, but other than that is almost identical to how it was in the past.

However, that won’t be the case for long as Ninja’s wife and manager, Jessica Goch, revealed on Twitter that their entire house and streaming room is will be getting some “insane” renovations.

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It’s only fitting that the most followed, and subscribed, streamer on Twitch should have an incredible setup for his craft and Ninja fans will be excited to see what he ends up with.

We’re not sure exactly what Ninja will end up with, but he has previously commented on the stunning setup that fellow streamer DrLupo uses so don’t be surprised if he takes inspiration from that.

We’ll miss the hanging cables and mess but we understand that all good things come to an end and if anyone deserves an insane setup it’s Ninja.

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