Ninja speechless after bug ruins first Fortnite World Cup qualifying match

David Purcell
Epic Games / Red Bull Gaming

Fortnite World Cup qualifiers as he was suspiciously eliminated the first time he touched the floor after dropping. 

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The popular Twitch streamer was just starting his quest for qualification in the competition’s Week 5 Solo Open, where he was definitely looking for a Victory Royale to get things going in the right direction straight off the bat. 

However, he was left completely dumbfounded after being instantly eliminated by what appeared to be a devastating bug in the game. Judging by the animation, it looked as if the game processed that he had landed on top of a nearby tree, but he hadn’t. 

Epic GamesNinja has been dropping at Lazy Lagoon perfectly for weeks, but this time it was a disaster.
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Ninja decided to drop near Lazy Lagoon at the start of the match, but he wasn’t even able to reach the ground safely before his glider completely disappeared. 

As he was still pretty high in the air, at the time, he fell to his death before even having the chance to loot up – taking a terrible 99th placed finish in his first game. “What the…” Ninja muttered, before looking right into the camera with a confused expression on his face. 

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For those who aren’t aware, qualification in these Fortnite World Cup Online Opens depend on players’ performances across ten matches, meaning that the loss could have a significant impact on his chances of qualifying this time around. 

As he waited for his next match to start, the streamer couldn’t help but laugh on a few occasions. Ninja didn’t consider that it was going to be a bugged drop, but instead, thought he had found a sweet spot to drop quicker. 

Epic GamesNinja didn’t even have the chance to drop safely in his first Fortnite World Cup qualifier in Week 5.

“Bro, I have been playing and landing here for the last two months and that has never happened. I’ve never been that low to the ground before [with a glider],” he said. 

Whether or not he will be able to turn it around and qualify during Week 5 remains to be seen. Epic Games have yet to comment on the bug. If they do in the future, we’ll be the first to let you know.