Logan Paul condemns brother Jake after “looting” controversy

Instagram: moreloganpaul

Logan Paul has spoken out against his brother Jake after footage emerged of him at one of the many ongoing riots taking place in the United States.

On May 30, footage was shared across social media that appeared to show Jake Paul in the midst of a group of people looting and rioting in Scottsdale, Arizona, with fireworks being set off and someone even seemingly handing Jake a bottle of vodka stolen from a P.F. Chang’s.

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While Jake later came out to respond to the allegations, claiming that they were there by happenstance and he didn’t engage in any of the looting, his actions have still been admonished by fans and critics alike.

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Instagram: jakepaul
Paul came under fire for his actions, but denied taking part in the looting.

On the other side of the spectrum, Logan has been on a clear mission to become a less divisive figure, with much less controversy following him in recent months.

Following the incident, and the supsequent criticism of Jake, Logan came out and condemned his brother’s actions in the latest Impaulsive episode on June 2, and made some interesting points about his sibling.

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While discussing the ongoing protests across the country, Logan takes the opportunity to segue into Jake’s situation.

“This one is so hard for me, because I love the kid, I will always love him, but I don’t always like him,” he started. “Sometimes, I do not understand why he does the things he does.”

Logan questioned Jake even being there in the first place, saying that he had spoken to him on the phone and was told that he was only there for a dinner, but admitted that in his opinion the incident was “very on-brand for Jake Paul to be seen at a looting site.”

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(Timestamp 13:27)

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Despite the above, he did continue by saying that those who think Jake was actively participating in the looting “are a f**king moron.”

While co-host Mike Majlak questioned Jake’s excuse for being in the mall at the time, clearly not convinced by it, as Logan says these things can happen very quickly.

Although it isn’t clear why exactly Jake was there, or why he stayed long enough to be so heavily associated with the looting, Logan clearly condemns his brother but believes he did not have bad intentions when he turned up at the mall.

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