Ninja signs with G FUEL and he’s teasing a new flavor already

. 4 months ago
Ninja gfuel announcement
Twitter: @gfuelenergy

Popular Twitch star ‘Ninja’ has revealed that he’s signed with G FUEL Energy, taking over the company’s Twitter account to break the news, and it looks like a new flavor might be in the pipeline. 

Three years after signing an exclusive contract with Red Bull, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has moved on to another major partner.

After ‘hacking’ the company’s Twitter account, Ninja stands alongside xQc, PewDiePie, Summit1g, and FaZe Rug as one of the largest creators associated with the drinks brand.

As well as the new contract, the streamer has teased that he may have his own flavor coming — which could potentially be available in Ready-To-Drink cans, tubs, or even their recently launched hydration bottles.

“The way G FUEL gets gamers and our world, and their overall way of doing things just made this a no-brainer,” Blevins revealed. “I’m so hyped to announce my partnership with G FUEL as part of the next phase of what we’re doing over here on Team Ninja.”

G FUEL and Ninja will be partnering up for exciting product launches, to be revealed in the coming weeks. Until then, they have released a collaborative page on their website that showcases the Twitch star’s favorite flavor: Hype Sauce. 

The companies Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan said that Ninja is an exemplary representation of what it means to be a gaming personality and entertainer and that he believes the stuff they have coming together in the near future will excite fans of the company.

Until that time comes, however, fans will be able to support the Twitch star by using code ‘NINJA’ when checking out from their website. 

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