Ninja accidentally leaks Twitch earnings during Fortnite OG hype

Ninja TwitchYouTube: Ninja

Ninja revealed he made over $140,000 on Twitch in the last 30 days by leaking his dashboard on stream.

Ninja was one of the many creators that blew up when Fortnite was at its peak after it was first released back in 2017. The blue-haired creator became the face of Fortnite, and later gained enough popularity to earn his own skin in the game

With the revival of Fortnite through Fortnite OG, many creators have returned to the game to capitalize on the hype. This includes Ninja, who has been streaming across multiple platforms to reach as broad an audience as possible. 

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It is no secret that Ninja is one of Twitch’s most popular content creators. Ninja has close to 19 million followers on Twitch and, according to his Twitch dashboard, has almost 24,000 active subscribers.   

Ninja leaks his Twitch earnings in the last 30 days

While streaming alongside Complexity part-owner Cloazy, Ninja closed out of his Fortnite tab and accidentally showed his desktop. The desktop had his Twitch dashboard open for his over 20,000 viewers to see.

“Ah, you guys got a little sneak peek at the TTV earnings this month, guys,” said Ninja. ”Just pulled that up real quick.”

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“Did you leak your dashboard?” asked Cloazy. 

“I did just leak my dashboard,” said Ninja, laughing it off. 

The dashboard leak showed that Ninja had streamed 102 hours from October 15 through November 15. In that time, Ninja held 23,828 subscribers, which netted him $142,177 in the last 30 days. 

This includes Twitch, one of many platforms where Ninja streams, in addition to sites like YouTube, Twitter/X, and Kick.

The streaming icon notably started streaming “everywhere” in September 2022 – and it looks like his decision is paying off big-time.

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