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Ninja reveals why Game of Thrones has kept him from streaming regularly

Published: 2/May/2019 22:26 Updated: 2/May/2019 22:28

by Virginia Glaze


HBO’s massively popular medieval drama ‘Game of Thrones’ has taken the world by storm, once again – and Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is not exempt from the hype.

In fact, Ninja’s own streaming schedule has been affected by the show, which he explained in a Twitter video uploaded on May 2.

“If anyone’s been wondering why my streams have been ending early, how come I’ve been getting out a bit later, it’s because I’ve literally watched seven seasons of Game of Thrones in the last week and a half,” he said, panning the camera around to show his HBO Now account. “I’m catching up for the finale, baby!”

The internet reacts to Ninja’s GoT-induced streaming hiatus

Ninja’s humorous video was met with respect from his fellow streamers, with the likes of Tim ‘TimTheTatMan’ Bertar and Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo appearing to approve of his decision despite possible backlash from fans.

“Totally understandable tbh, just quit streaming till you’re caught up,” Tim replied. “We understand.”

Popular EDM artist Dillon Francis even chimed in on the conversation, appearing to entertain the idea of following suit in order to catch up to the show’s eighth season.

“Now i feel like I have to do this,” he wrote of the matter. “Damn…”

Ninja’s Tweet leaves room for plenty of spoilers

While many fans were sympathetic and even excited for Ninja to catch up on the show, others noted that fans might try to spoil it for him – a debate that has taken the internet by storm following the release of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ in late April.

In fact, fans and commentators across the internet have debated the differences between spoiling a feature film as opposed to an ongoing television show, as many fans were caught live-tweeting GoT’s incredibly hyped episode ‘The Long Night’ on April 28.

Helen Sloan, HBOGame of Thrones is in the midst of its eighth and final season, having released its highly anticipated ‘The Long Night’ episode on April 28, just after the global release of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’

However, Marvel has made major efforts to ensure that ‘Endgame’ goes unspoiled for superhero fans across the globe, with the Russo brothers publishing an open letter with the hashtag, ‘#DontSpoilTheEndGame.’

Fans were so adamant about not being spoiled that one Chinese movie-goer was brutally beaten outside a theater, after yelling spoilers to the audience waiting in line for tickets.

Game of Thrones will air the fourth episode of its final season on Sunday, which is reported to have a 78-minute-long runtime.


JoJo Siwa officially comes out after ‘Born This Way’ TikTok sparked speculation

Published: 22/Jan/2021 21:45 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 21:48

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube sensation and former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa has officially come out after uploading a TikTok that got the entire internet talking.

JoJo Siwa is a huge icon for young internet users around the globe. Best known for her colorful outfits, giant bows and larger-than-life personality, the 17-year-old has amassed an impressive 12 million YouTube subscribers with her positive messages and energetic original songs.

Despite sharing her life with the world, Siwa has been relatively quiet regarding her relationship status, with fans keeping a close eye on any potential suitors she uploads videos with.

Now, Siwa has turned the tables in a major way, after uploading a TikTok lipsyncing to Lady Gaga’s iconic LGBTQ anthem, ‘Born This Way.’

@itsjojosiwa♬ Born This Way Lady Gaga – johanna

More specifically, JoJo sang along to the lyrics: “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life / I’m on the right track baby, I was born to survive.”

A day after releasing her viral TikTok, Siwa has officially come out in a touching Tweet. In her post, JoJo wears a t-shirt that she received from her cousin, which boasts the words: “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.”

This announcement also comes a short time after her collaboration with LGBTQ TikTok content group Pride House, where she danced together with some of its members to Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun.’

Siwa’s latest announcement has been met with a slew of positivity and support from her fans and fellow creators – but even before she made it official, several high-profile internet stars made sure to give her their well-wishes via TikTok.

“I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” James Charles exclaimed.

“WELCOME TO THE FAMILY JOJO!” TikTok star Spencer commented.

“Happy for you JoJo,” YouTuber Bretman Rock added.

Commenters congratulate JoJo Siwa on coming out.

Before releasing her reveal on January 22, some fans weren’t so sure Siwa was actually coming out, as her initial TikTok had no caption and could have been a mere lipsync video with no hidden meaning, at all.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, anymore, as Siwa has put the “rumors” to rest. Congrats, JoJo Siwa – you’re on the right track, baby, you were born this way!