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Ninja rated fans’ gaming setups, and the internet didn’t disappoint

Published: 22/May/2021 8:50 Updated: 22/May/2021 8:52

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins asked fans to post pictures of their gaming set-ups and offered to review them, and the internet didn’t disappoint, showcasing an impressive range of battlestations in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ninja might be officially done with Fortnite. However, he’s found a new home on League of Legends even though it’s pushed him to the brink of sanity a few times already. Still, he always has times for his fans, regardless of which game he’s playing.

On May 22, he interacted with fans by offering to rate their gaming set-ups. Thousands of people responded and shared a glimpse of their battlestations. Ninja responded to as many as he could. Here are some of his favorites.


5. Lazarbeam’s workstation ft. Grogu

Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott was one of the first people to share his set-up. It’s a simple workstation, not too different from other streamers. However, to add some flair, he included a picture of Tom Brady, Captain America’s shield, and a figurine of Grogu from The Mandalorian in the shot.

Ninja claimed the figurine was the “best part.”

4. Hydra Dufah’s purple, black, and white delight

Ninja was thoroughly impressed with Hydra Dufah’s setup. He called it “sick” and gave it a mighty “10/10,” which is no surprise given how clean it looks. The black, white, and purple colors all flow perfectly together.

3. Daniel Clerke’s clean ‘his and hers’ battlestations

Daniel Clerke shared pictures of two setups. The first one is his own, and the second one is his girlfriend’s. Gamers love seeing a good ‘his and hers’ battlestation, and it seems like Ninja isn’t any different.


There are some similarities between them. However, the blue ambiance and ramen bowl sign in his and the pink aura and popsicle sign in hers, and the retro-gaming theme as opposed to the ‘vaporwave’ aesthetic, is what sets them apart. Ninja loved them both, calling them “clean.”

2. XSET Scomo’s epic man-cave

XSET Scomo’s man-cave left Ninja speechless. Instead of replying with a comment, he left a GIF that said, “frickin’ awesome!”

It’s got everything from a triple-monitor set-up with red and purple lights to a console gaming hub surrounded by epic sports merch and other bits and pieces.

1. Wynnsanity’s neon-blue setup

Last but not least, Ninja “loved” Wynnsanity’s incredible gaming room. Not only does it look like a scene from Tron: Legacy, but it’s got everything a gamer needs, including a pc, two ultra-wide monitors, a fridge full of energy drinks, and of course, a trusty tablet for mobile games.


You know what? You “love to see it,” and so does Ninja.

Everyone is different, and not every design will be your cup of tea. But in the end, Ninja gave people the opportunity to share their battlestations, and they delivered in spades.