Ninja teases long-awaited Fortnite comeback

ninja Twitch / Epic Games

Stream star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is hyping up his return to Fortnite after months of absence, and fans are already looking forward to a throwback at the game that launched his career.

Fortnite and Ninja’s explosion in popularity was synchronous back around 2018. The game had evolved from a fun sandbox shooter to an intense arena where building had become just as important as shooting.

Personalities would shine in this regard, and that’s what contributed to the former Halo pro outgrowing a niche stream community fandom to being the most popular gamer in the world.

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That could be why people are getting excited to see the streamer make his way back to the battle royale that produced so many classic Ninja moments on the channel.

Ninja tweeted out his intention to return to Fortnite with a simple thumbnail that showed the game was updating, or getting ready to be played.

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This immediately got thousands of his fans interested. Even entities like KFC Gaming chimed in, seeing as they had a trolling presence in Fortnite at one time themselves.

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After Mixer had shut down, Ninja made a brief return to Twitch with a surprise Fortnite stream. But with the rise of other popular games, he’d hardly touched the title since returning.

ninja fortnite iconEpic Games
Ninja is heavily linked to Fortnite, and people are excited to see his return there soon.

In the past few months, Ninja’s been rather taken with Riot’s titles in League of Legends and Valorant. He’s logged more than 800 hours between the two in the last 180 days, according to data by SullyGnone.

While we’ve been seeing classic Ninja moments in titles like LoL, it seems a lot of people are still hyped to see him drop from the battle bus instead.

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Ninja has had some of his best moments in broadcasting on the Fortnite island, and people won’t have to wait long before seeing the popular streamer on the grind again.

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