Ninja Shows off his LoL Skills and Gives His Opinion on Controversial Streamer Tyler1

. Last updated: Aug 25, 2018

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was playing League of Legends and commented on the most popular League of Legends streamer, the controversial Tyler1.

Ninja joked around when asked about teaming up with Tyler1, but ultimately showed his appreciation for the LoL star.

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While showing off his skill as a bot laner in League of Legends, Ninja was asked about teaming up with Tyler1.

Listen Tyler1 couldn’t handle me I’m way better than him, I’m way more alpha. You know what happens when an alpha encounters an alpha? It’s not pretty.

Ninja said the quote with a smirk on his face, clearly joking around.

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He then offered a serious take on Tyler1.

Tyler1 is an incredible streamer.

The friend who Ninja was playing with agreed, naming him as his second favorite streamer (behind Ninja).

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Tyler1 was famously banned from League of Legends after toxic behavior, like abusive chat and feeding the enemy team.

After nearly two years, Riot Games overturned his ban and Tyler1 returned to his favorite game.

Ninja is a former Halo pro who became the biggest streamer in the world, he can normally be found playing Fortnite.

Unlike Tyler1, Ninja keeps a pretty clean stream.