Ninja Makes the Mistake of Attacking the Purple Cube on Fortnite During $500k Summer Skirmish Event

Calum Patterson

Ninja and partner DrLupo couldn’t believe their eyes when the massive mysterious purple cube landed directly in front of them in Fortnite during the Summer Skirmish tournament.

The lightning bolts striking the desert area of the Fortnite map eventually spawned a massive purple cube in game, which shocked and confused players, including top streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

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It is still unclear what exactly the significance and meaning of the cube is, but Ninja did find out the hard way that it is a dangerous object to the health of your character.

Getting close to the cube or shooting at it is very ill-advised, as it seems to have some sort of inter-dimensional physics at work, and will launch your character a good distance, as if you were struck by an impulse grenade – as Ninja discovered.

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At first completely in awe, Ninja and DrLupo decided to investigate, but quickly realized that it would do damage to them, which wasn’t a good idea considering they were playing in a $500,000 tournament.

It is unlikely that it was a coincidence though, as Epic Games is known for meticulously planning out their in-game live events, and would have probably timed it deliberately for when the Summer Skirmish event was on.

The tournament attracts millions of viewers on Twitch every weekend, with Ninja himself often having upwards of 120,000 concurrent viewers at any time during the competition.

You can see the moment from DrLupo’s perspective below, which appeared to stump him for words.

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Unlike the last major in-game event, the rocket launch marking the conclusion of season 4, the Cube landing wasn’t expected, so many players would have missed it.

This is perhaps why Epic timed it with the Summer Skirmish, to get as many eyes on it as possible, while also keeping it a surprise.

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As for the tournament itself, Ninja and DrLupo came in 13th after day one in the North American event, which was won by FaZe Thiefs and Liquid Chap. See the full results here.

There will be another day of competition on August 25 as well, and perhaps Epic has another surprise up their sleeve.

It is unclear if results from Day One carry over to Day Two, or if it will be a clean slate. Check out our full coverage hub for the Week 7 Summer Skirmish tournament here.