Ninja explains why he believes Twitch is by far the best streaming platform


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins doesn’t think any other streaming or video site could dethrone Twitch. In his opinion, it’s not even close.

Ninjas’s undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the streaming space and may be better suited than most to discuss Twitch’s dominance over different platforms. Remember when he went to Mixer and was back within a year?

After coming back to the site where he became such a big name, he doesn’t think anyone will be slaying the purple streaming giant anytime soon.

“There’s literally nothing else but Twitch,” Blevins said during an August 8 Fortnite stream. “Like, I almost don’t even look at YouTube as a competitor. In the sense that like, if someone has a favorite YouTuber streaming on YouTube, they’ll watch them there.”

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Ninja could be on to something here. Even though YouTube has been trying to expand its video game streaming section, we see time and time again Twitch getting most of the big names and their viewers. At this point, the site is basically synonymous with streaming itself.

“What other platform is there dude, at all?” he asked. “That is just solely livestreaming, that competes with Twitch?”

Mixer: The Twitch-killer that never was?

Ninja during Mixer announcement.Mixer / Ninja
Ninja’s Mixer $50 million Mixer deal was massive, but he was back on Twitch in roughly a year.

Ninja did suggest Mixer had a “fraction of a chance” to possibly take on Twitch. That being said, they apparently didn’t use the resources (ie: himself and shroud) they paid so much for.

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“Alright, Mixer had like, a fraction of a chance of potentially turning into something great,” Blevins admitted. “If they used me and shroud going there, and like, the pandemic, and actually switched away from Microsoft email accounts to sign up, and actually did some proper advertising.”

There’s always the possibility we could see some new site come up, or YouTube fine-tuning or throwing enough cash at their streaming services to be on-par with Twitch.

But for now, it does seem like Ninja is right, and there’s nothing out there that can really give the site a run for its money. At least, not yet.

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