NikkieTutorials reveals criminals behind gunpoint robbery were arrested

. 2 years ago
NikkieTutorials robbery case update
YouTube: NikkieTutorials

YouTube star and beauty guru Nikkie ‘NikkieTutorials’ de Jager has given fans a long-awaited update in the case of an incident that took place in August, when she and fiancé Dylan were robbed at gunpoint.

NikkieTutorials has become one of YouTube’s most celebrated makeup artists over the course of her long-established career on the platform, accruing over 13 million subscribers due to her skill with pigment and bubbly personality.

However, the Dutch-based YouTuber made headlines in January for an entirely different reason, after revealing being forced to reveal her identity as a trans woman due to unidentified blackmailers.

Although she didn’t get to release the information on her own terms, fans flocked to Nikkie in support and praise — but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her woes, as the YouTube star and her fiancé were both held at gunpoint in an armed robbery seven months later in August.

Thankfully, both parties were unharmed, as de Jager updated her fans in an Instagram post that shocked the internet. At the time, no arrests had been made, but now, she has released a long-awaited update that has brought both herself and her viewers much-needed relief.

In a YouTube video on December 8, de Jager stated that Dutch police had informed her that arrests have been made in relation to the robbery case.

That being said, the YouTuber has declined to speak on the matter further, in order to protect both the ongoing investigation and her own privacy, although she assured fans that she and her fiancé are immensely relieved by the news.

“This will be all we have to say about it,” she clarified. “For our privacy, but also for the sake of the case. If you’re part of the media and you want our reaction we’re sorry, but this video will have to do. Just know that we are very relieved and we’ll just see what happens.”

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It seems that her fanbase shares her sentiments and is hoping for a swift delivery of justice for the internet star — a bright, cheerful woman who has been dealt difficult cards in her path to online fame.

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