Nijisanji EN fans worried new wave will attract even more negativity

Kurt Perry
Various talents from Nijisanji EN behind company logo.

With a new Nijisanji EN wave expected in the near future, fans of the agency are growing concerned that it will be used as an excuse to bring more negativity to the community.

Nijisanji has come under fire as of late with the community being critical of its management. From Sayu Okami’s statement on Zaion to Akane’s surprise graduation, the Vtuber agency has experienced some challenges.

The increasing tension amongst Nijisanji fans has come at a troublesome time with a new generation expected soon.

Vocal members of the community were critical of both ILUNA and XSOLEIL and now there are worries this will happen again with the next wave.

Nijisanji EN’s eighth generation could bring more negativity

Members of the Nijisanji community have expressed concerns over the upcoming wave, believing it could trigger more negativity if not addressed.

A passionate fan emphasized: “Open notice to Nijisanji EN fans. It’s high-key likely we’ll see a new wave soon. I’m asking everyone, for the love of god, to not be as overly negative as they were with the previous two waves, because your words matter and y’all were awful lol. And the talents noticed.”

The tweet continues: “No getting mad at talents for not being what you wanted, not rapidly escalating non-harmful things they say to discourse levels, not getting mad at them for not knowing jokes or senpais, calling company history ‘lore’, etc. And you don’t need to announce you hate the new blood.”

The thread concludes by encouraging fans to keep complaints within their own social group. Also, they emphasized how negative comments made about the talents can be seen and have even pushed some Vtubers to contemplate graduating.

Nijisanji hasn’t confirmed that a new EN generation is coming yet but fans have good reason to assume one is on its way.

Auditions for a new Nijisanji EN wave were held on March 2023. Based on previous generations the gap between auditions and debut is usually around three to four months. If this pattern continues the eighth generation will debut either in June or July.

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