Nightbot briefly banned on Twitch for ridiculous reason


Beloved moderator, Nightbot, was banned on Twitch but was subsequently unbanned within six minutes, leaving many questioning what happened.

Nightbot is a staple of many streamers thanks to its vast array of customization options, such as the ability to block certain terms, run giveaways, and be programmed to answer a series of commands like stream uptime.

With so many streamers relying on this, many were surprised to see Nightbot had been briefly banned, meaning none of the moderation it was set up to do would work anymore.

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While it was one of the shortest Twitch bans you’ll ever see, it was definitely enough for some streamers to freak out after seeing Nightbot wasn’t doing its job.

Why was Nightbot banned?

As it turns out, Nightbot received a ban due to a falsified DMCA, according to its Twitter page. This was quickly resolved and Nightbot should be back to working normally on every channel that relies on it.

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It’s a good thing this one was resolved quickly because it could have ended up being pretty disastrous for a lot of streamers if it ended up becoming a lengthy ban.

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There aren’t many other options out there that could replace what Nightbot does, which is why this particular bot remains so popular.

What’s interesting about the ban is that Nightbot doesn’t stream, so it seems strange that there could even be a DMCA takedown. Nightbot did its best to explain why this might have happened.

“I don’t know how Twitch’s copyright strike system works, but I assume for certain media partners like Digiturk they can instantly take down channels and Twitch moderation team then has a manual review process after the takedown (which is why it was reversed 5 minutes later).”

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We’re not entirely sure why Digiturk sent a DMCA in the first place, or even if it was on purpose.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re just glad to see the bot up and running again. Hopefully, Twitch will be able to take additional preventative measures against something like this happening again in the future.

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