Nick Uhas reveals plan to break world record again for Elephant Toothpaste explosion

Virginia Glaze
Nick Uhas wants to recreate viral elephant toothpaste record

TikTok and Big Brother star Nick Uhas made one of the world’s largest elephant toothpaste explosions with David Dobrik back in 2019 — and he wants to do it again in an even bigger way.

Nick Uhas is one part influencer, one part scientist, and one part seasoned television host.

He’s done just about everything a person can do: From getting his start as a pro inline skater as a teen to studying medicine and subsequently diving into the world of reality TV, it’s clear that Uhas is a well-rounded individual.

However, he’s perhaps best known for his online content, in which he pulls off extraordinary science experiments — like his world record-breaking Elephant Toothpaste fountain.

In 2019, Uhas teamed up with YouTube star David Dobrik to create the one of world’s largest Elephant Toothpaste explosion. The resulting blast completely covered Dobrik’s backyard in blue goo and took months to clean off the walls of his house.

The video garnered over 23 million views on Dobrik’s channel and is one of his most popular uploads yet… but Uhas isn’t done breaking records.

We got the chance to speak with Uhas in an exclusive interview, where he clued us in on his big plans for one-upping his previous Elephant Toothpaste achievement in an even bigger and better way.

According to Uhas, he and his team want to gauge interest to see if fans would like to attend the experiment in person at a large enough venue to contain the sheer amount of Elephant Toothpaste his venture would produce.

“We are collecting the interest of people that want to basically come to the world’s largest Elephant Toothpaste experiment in person, in a stadium,” he explained. “We’re gonna go like ten times more than the last one.”

“It’s so big. It’s such a big thing that we were thinking to ourselves, ‘Do we really wanna lock this off to ten or twelve people? Or do we want to make it a ginormous event and open it to the public? So, that’s a work in progress.”

Nick Uhas wants to break his elephant toothpaste world record
Nick Uhas has big plans for his next Elephant Toothpaste experiment.

Right now, KIWICO holds Guinness World Record for largest Elephant Toothpaste fountain as of January 2022… but it’s clear that Uhas is after the title.

While Uhas prepares for this eventual science fair extraordinaire, he’s currently partnering with Bulldog Skincare, which promotes a science-meets-nature approach to skin health.

“There is so much science already in nature, because nature already goes through so many replications of what doesn’t work,” he said of the collab. “So in order for nature to deliver a product, it has to go through all these iterations of genetic evolution. …so you end up with the best product through nature.”

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“Harnessing the best products you get in nature and combining them with knowledge through science, you get the best stuff.”

Uhas will upload his collaborative content with Bulldog Skincare to his TikTok page, where he boasts over 7 million followers and performs a slew of other eye-popping science experiments like making a multicolored fire tornado.

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