YouTuber captures birth of great white shark on film for first time ever

Eleni Thomas
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YouTuber TheMalibuArtist claims they have captured the first-ever footage of a newborn great white shark.

While scientists have gone to great lengths and made major leaps forward when it comes to researching the ocean, the creatures that live within it and its evolution, there is still much we don’t know.

Even more that is still being discovered and researched in 2024 and will likely continue beyond. However, the latest discovery to come out of the water isn’t from a scientist but a YouTuber.

Content creator Carlos, known as TheMalibuArtist on YouTube, has built up a following on the platform for his unique footage of sharks he manages to capture via his drone.

In a new video that already has over half a million views on the platform, the YouTuber has managed to acquire what’s believed to be the first-ever film of a newborn Great White Shark. While the full video of the encounter was only just posted, the footage is from a trip Carlos went on during 2023.

“You’re basically viewing the sharks through a magnifying glass that they don’t know is watching them,” he says.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, this could be a newborn’,” Carlos added. “We’re both falling out of our seats with excitement at that point. It was quite a moment.”

Since releasing the footage, Shark experts and other knowledgeable individuals have been chiming in and sharing their opinions as to whether or not they believe the shark filmed in the video is in fact a baby great white.

Via a report from the BBC, Dr Chris Lowe, from California State University’s shark lab, challenged the discovery by stating that there are other explanations for the white layer.

“Sure, this could be a newborn shark, or it could be a shark with a skin disease, or it could be a number of other things we haven’t even thought of,” he began.

“Unfortunately, it’s a sample size of one. I think many scientists would agree that in order for us to consider this area of pupping location, we would need a lot more evidence.”

Others have believed this could simply be a rare breed of shark or a never-before-seen skin condition. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the story as it continues to develop.

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