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Neymar and AOC become fastest-growing streamers on Twitch

Published: 24/Oct/2020 14:26

by Joe Craven


PSG star Neymar and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have skyrocketed to the top of the streaming platform’s list of fastest-growing streamers for October.

Typically, the fastest-growing channels on Twitch are the biggest names like Ninja, shroud and summit1g. While those broadcasters do feature lower down on this list, there are a number of surprises this October.

Ninja, according to TwitchMetrics, is the eighth fastest-growing streamer, accumulating over 336,000 new followers in the last 30 days. However, he is quite simply blown out of the water when looking at the top two, who’ve experienced growth at nearly double the rate.

Ninja streaming next to Twitch logo
You’d be forgiven for expecting Ninja to be at the top of the list.

Neymar and AOC take over Twitch

Second on the list is AOC, the US Congresswoman who broke records with her Among Us stream alongside Pokimane, Dr Lupo and more. Before the first round even got underway, more than 400,000 viewers had jumped into the channel.

Her Twitch channel, which was made for the aforementioned Among Us stream, has gained over 673,000 followers. Upwards of half a million of those came on the night of her record-breaking stream.

However, just pipping AOC to the top spot is Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. The Paris Saint-Germain forward has taken to streaming video games, mostly Valve’s CS:GO.

It looks like a lot of his fans from football have followed him to Twitch, as he gained over 677,000 followers in the past month, making him the fastest growing Twitch channel in the world.

Fastest Growing streamers from TwitchMetrics
The top two are some way ahead of the following pack. dominate the top 20 fastest growing Twitch streamers

Away from the top two is the incredible growth of a number of streamers from The Brazilian organization is represented in the top 20 by 10 of its streamers – including coringa, thurzin, babi and Mii in the top 10.

While they all variety stream and try their hands at different games, Garenga Free Fire has dominated the agenda for most of them. The mobile battle royale has risen in popularity exponentially, becoming 2019’s most downloaded mobile title. streamers on Twitch's fastest growing streamers
TwitchMetrics streamers represent over half of the top 20 fastest growing Twitch streamers.

Another notable inclusion is SouljaBoy, with the US rapper gaining 350,000 followers and sitting in 7th position.

It just goes to show the popularity of video games, and the appeal of watching your favorite celebrities gaming, whatever their full-time profession. We’re sure next month’s list will feature just as many surprises.


ACE Family’s Catherine Paiz hits back at claims of flirting with Jake Paul

Published: 18/Nov/2020 18:56

by Virginia Glaze


The ACE Family has become involved in yet another controversy, after YouTube star Jake Paul accused matriarch Catherine Paiz of flirting with him in the DMs — but Catherine is having none of the speculation from her fanbase.

The drama started after Austin McBroom — patriarch of the ACE Family — posted an photo to Instagram on November 15, showing himself wearing boxing gloves while posing with his wife in gym.

“I’ve been an athlete my entire life, so it would be disappointing for me not to get involved,” McBroom captioned the pic. “Jake Paul been running from me for years. I got 5 million dollars for whoever steps into the ring with me.”

It seems that Jake Paul was completely unfazed by this challenge, as he reposted the photo to his Instagram stories with a shocking caption.

Jake Paul claims that Catherine Paiz is in his DMs in an Instagram story.
Instagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul responded to Austin’s mocking by publicly claiming that his wife, Catherine, had been messaging him.

“I’d be more worried about your wife in my DMs,” he wrote.

This kicked off a storm of controversy around the trio, with many critics seeming to speculate the merits of Catherine’s loyalty — but she isn’t backing down from the heat, as told by her response to a curious fan regarding the matter.

In an Instagram stories post on November 18, Paiz responded to the controversy, after one fan asked if she really had been sliding in Jake Paul’s DMs.

“Respectfully, anyone with a brain knows that’s not true,” she wrote. “Not saying you don’t have a brain, but you get it.”

While Paiz herself is adamant that there’s nothing going on between she and Jake, the youngest Paul brother also posted a poll to Instagram asking his fans if he should post the “receipts” of their purported conversations, along with a screenshot that appears to show Paiz asking him to delete his accusations of their alleged flirtation.

Jake Paul asks fans if he should expose the "receipts" between himself and Catherine Paiz.
Instagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul claimed to have “receipts” of his conversations with Catherine Paiz.

This news also follows an accidental video upload from the ACE Family in October, which showed the couple appearing to get into an argument, with McBroom shouting at Paiz.

Although the couple quickly explained the issue away as a normal and “realistic” part of everyday married life, the incident has left some fans on edge, while others congratulated the duo for “keeping it real.”