IRL Twitch streamer calls out kids being racist to him on stream

twitch streamer calls out racist kidsTwitch/joeykaotyk

A Twitch streamer checking out Portugal went out of his way to educate some kids after he caught them making racist remarks.

With more and more streamers returning to traveling the world, IRL broadcasts have picked up once again and the Twitch community is loving it.

As streamers such as Jinny and JakeNBake document their travel adventures, there are often some shenanigans afoot, and that’s what happened during a recent broadcast.

Popular streamer ‘JOEYKAOTYK’ was in Porto on February 14 when he started checking out some items in a store window, but things soon took a sour turn when he heard some kids make racist comments.

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Twitch streamer teaches kids on field trip not to be racist

As the streamer peered into the shop, he turned his attention to a group of kids who appeared to be on a field trip after he heard a racist comment in the background – something that streamers sometimes have to deal with.

“What?!” he roared as he approached the youngsters. “What did you say? What did you call me? Don’t say that, it’s bad.”

Joey went on to explain that he heard one of the boys say “ching chong” and told a young boy not to call him that, which the lad appeared to understand and acknowledge.

“Don’t say that! Thank you. Bye-bye!” the streamer waved as the kids went on their way.

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Users in Joey’s Twitch chat applauded how he handled the situation, calling him “based” and cheered him on for “educating” the youth.

Whether or not the lesson will stick with the school kids remains to be seen, but if anything, the fact Joey was able to remain so calm is certainly something that his chat absolutely appreciated.