Jinny slams “pathetic loser” stream sniper who made racist remarks during IRL broadcast

Jinny slams racist bystander irl streamTwitch: jinnytty

Popular IRL Twitch streamer Jinnytty was broadcasting another of her excursions abroad when she was approached by a stream sniper who made racist comments toward her.

Jinny is a well-known presence in the Twitch world. The tri-lingual streamer regularly broadcasts her trips around the world and shares them with her half-million followers… although her travels aren’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Unfortunately, Jinny has recorded many run-ins with rude and racist bystanders during her time as an influencer — unacceptable experiences that have been shared by several other IRL broadcasters in the past.

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Jinny experienced yet another act of racism during a recent trip to New York City. During the stream, the influencer was walking along a harbor when she noticed a man speaking loudly behind her. Not thinking much of it at first, Jinny continued on her walk before the man approached her and mentioned her stream.

Jinnytty experiences uncomfortable encounter stream sniperInstagram: yyj0728
IRL Twitch star “Jinnytty” is known for streaming her travels abroad – but they’re not always positive experiences for her.

The stranger appeared to boast that he was a “YouTube star” and followed Jinny as she walked, calling himself “the most entertaining person she’ll have on [here]” before plugging his channel.

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“I sort of live to offend and insult people, that’s my thing,” he continued. “So, I could say most of the people in your chat are losers? …they’re losers, gawkers and stalkers, every single one.”

At first, Jinny was polite and played along — until the man asked if she were broadcasting to China. Their conversation ended shortly thereafter, with Jinny waving bye to him as he went on his way.

“Love your channel, not at all!” he exclaimed. “All you losers, bunch of lurkers and gawkers, have fun. Go back to Wuhan.”

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“What a pathetic loser,” Jinny said. “Yikes! We met a loser IRL. You guys are not losers. He is the definition, the epitome of loser-ness.”

As usual, Jinny appeared to handle the uncomfortable situation quite well in spite of his hateful comments, and had the full support of her chat after the awkward encounter.

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