New TikTok trend shows men getting vasectomies on camera

Dylan Horetski
Men are Getting vasectomies on camera tiktok trend

A new trend on TikTok has men worldwide documenting their vasectomies and their reactions during the process itself.

When it comes to long-term birth control, men and women have the option of surgical procedures that reduce the chance of having a baby. However, it’s much easier for men to get a vasectomy than for women to have a tubal ligation.

With TikTok being the most popular home for short-form content, male users worldwide have taken to the app to share their experiences and reactions to getting a vasectomy.

Creators participating in the new trend are using the hashtag #vasectomy, which has been viewed over 500 million times, with many men filming themselves throughout the procedure.

Men are getting vasectomies on camera

One of the TikTokers that have gone viral documenting their experience is Keith_Laue, who uploaded a video in June.

“I was awake the whole time during the procedure which was really weird but it only took 10-15 minutes so it wasn’t that bad,” he explained.

At the time of writing, Laue’s video has been viewed over 3.2 million times with thousands of comments from supportive viewers.

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Another TikToker, Mike Pridgen, uploaded a series of videos of his reactions during the actual procedure in March 2022.

His first video is captioned: “I got a vasectomy. You get to join me for the procedure. (It’s just my face! I promise!)”

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The vast majority of commenters on nearly every video using the hashtag support the men’s use of the platform to share their thoughts and reactions.

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