Future baby filter goes viral as TikToker uses it to rate compatibility of her exes

Meera Jacka
TikToker rates potential babies with exes using future baby filter

A TikToker has posted a hilarious video using the future baby filter to rate the potential babies she could have had with her exes.

Using filters to generate potential babies is a trend that has remained popular throughout the years, from free online baby generators to TikTok’s recent future baby trend.

And now another TikToker is taking things a step further. Syd, who goes by ‘sydsoshiesty’ on the platform, posted a hilarious video to TikTok on June 15, finding a new use for the filter.

In the TikTok, Syd hilariously uses the filter to determine what her potential babies could have looked like with each of her exes.

The TikToker then goes on to rate each baby, using this unusual method to determine her compatibility with each ex.

Starting the rankings with a quick description of the relevant ex, Syd doesn’t hold back on her opinions of each subsequent baby.

“I think this baby is a little f****** creepy,” she said, discussing one of the filter’s creations. “He looks like he’s been plotting my death since he came out of the womb.”

TikToker doesnt hold back while judging future baby filter
Not all of Syd’s potential babies impressed the TikToker: “Yeah, I don’t like him.”

Viewers loved the new TikTok idea, flocking to the comments to share their thoughts on Syd’s potential children.

“The last one was the cutest one out of all of them [sister, sorry],” one user commented. Another said, “Marcus’ baby took me out.”

Other TikTokers have previously used the filter on current partners to determine what potential babies might look like. One TikToker, Diamond Garza, posted to the account ‘diamondg_’ to show off how eerily similar the filter was to her actual child.

With the filter seemingly providing relatively accurate results, we wouldn’t be surprised if more users hopped on to follow Syd’s lead.

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