Netflix’s Hype House series roasted immediately after first trailer reveals cast

an image of hype houseInstagram: Hype House LA

Netflix hoped to entice viewers with the first trailer for Hype House on December 25, but the response to the upcoming reality TV show has been far more brutal than anticipated. 

Joining the always-expanding world of reality TV, Hype House seeks to bring together some of “social media’s most talked-about” creators. The star-studded project debuted its first glimpse on December 25.

Now, viewers are firing back with their frustrations over Netflix’s approach to green-lighting new shows.

An image of the netflix show Hype House.Instagram: thehypehousela, Netflix
Hype House contains some of social media’s most prolific creators.

Viewers blast Hype House trailer

Two days after the first trailer for Hype House debuted, the social media-orientated project is already been flamed by frustrated Netflix subscribers. With a troubling 7.1K dislike to 5.3K like ratio currently, viewers are taking aim at the streaming giant for prioritizing this content over fan-favorites shows.

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“Why couldn’t they just keep their content on YouTube. Can’t believe they canceled shows for this,” said frustrated commenter Emerald Bailey. The latter sentiment is be echoed by many viewers, as they continue to question why “they are canceling good shows for this mess.”

“Netflix has a tendency to cancel good shows so unfortunately, this will probably have a long run,” said another commenter, lamenting on the likelihood of the show to run past the first season.

Others are trying to accept the reality of Hype House’s appeal, saying “we have to accept that we live in a time where something like this will work and people will watch the shit out of it.”

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“Remember this is Netflix money, that could have made another breakout show like Squid Game happen, instead we have this,” added Tahsim Ahmed, noting Netflix’s immense wealth when it comes to production budgets.

Hype House will begin on January 7, 2022. Time will tell whether Netflix pulls the plug or not.