Netflix’s Harry Jowsey says Logan Paul’s Impaulsive show saved his life

Jacob Hale
Harry Jowsey and Logan Paul

Reality TV star Harry Jowsey, who made a name for himself on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, has explained how the Impaulsive podcast changed his life and helped pull him out of a terrible depression.

Harry Jowsey rose to fame when he appeared in Too Hot to Handle in April 2020, a show which encourages their young contestants to attempt to forge meaningful relationships with one another and encouraging celibacy — if contestants fail to do so, the $100,000 prize winnings get decreased.

Jowsey was a joint winner with Francesca Farago, but things started to take a spin after the show finished filming.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey
Jowsey and Farago announced their breakup in July 2020.

On episode 202 of the Impaulsive podcast, he said that the show has “changed his life” before explaining how it pulled him out of a seriously troubling state.

“I was in a bad headspace,” he said. “My mom fell off a horse and broke her knee, ribs… Then I had a loss in my family, and then someone really close to me tried to kill themselves. In the space of a week.”

He continued “I spoke to my girlfriend at the time, I was asking her to pretty much just be my friend… and she said I was doing it to ruin her trip. I was so heartbroken. I told her exactly what was going on, and I told her I’m destroyed.”

Jowsey then went on to explain that one night he watched an Impaulsive episode with “this crazy guy called Charlie Rocket” and it completely changed his outlook.

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He goes on to say that he’s sent the video to all his friends, advising them to watch it whenever they feel upset, and has got ‘winning streak’ — a phrase Rocket used throughout the podcast — tattooed on his hand.

He also shows hosts Logan Paul and Mike Majlak his ‘quantum’ book from the show — in which he wrote a number of things he wanted to achieve, including becoming a millionaire by 23 (“I might be a couple of months late to that”) and, ironically, being on the Impaulsive podcast.

It’s fair to say that Harry is well on his way to achieving many of his goals — and is most certainly on a winning streak.