Netflix actor Noah Centineo roasts Jake Paul in scathing interview segment

Actor Noah Centineo of ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ fame dissed social media star Jake Paul during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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During the interview, Centineo was asked about the importance of social media in relation to his career as an actor.

While many would hold that one’s activity on social media could open and close doors accordingly, Centineo argues that ‘it depends’ – and took a shot at Jake Paul while giving his answer.

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“It depends on the filmmaker,” he said of the matter. “I don’t think Gaspar Noe gives a shit. But did Disney care when they gave Jake Paul a show? Absolutely.”

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Centineo’s response is a callback to Disney’s treatment of YouTuber Jake Paul in summer of 2017, who was cut from their show Bizaardvark after his videos garnered massive controversy.

This occurred during the height of his antics in a neighborhood in upscale Los Angeles (Yes, the one where his address got leaked and a flood of fans crowded around his front door, prompting his move to the Hollywood Hills).

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Jake isn’t the only Paul brother to have been cut from a major production, either; brother Logan Paul was likewise booted from his YouTube Originals show Foursome due to his controversial vlog in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest’ in early 2018 (although he managed to keep the sequel to his YouTube Red movie, ‘The Thinning’).

While Jake Paul has yet to publicly respond to Centineo’s comments, he has been busy calling out MMA fighters and rappers alike ahead of the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch, set for summer of 2019.

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