Nessa Barrett accused of “copying” her music video from smaller artist

Nessa Barrett in an Instagram pictureInstagram: nessabarrett

People are accusing TikTok star Nessa Barrett of “copying” her music video from Australian singer Peach PRC, but Peach said although she’s “bummed” about the similarities, she’s “not coming at Nessa.”

Nessa Barrett is a TikToker with over 16 million followers on the platform, and along with being an influencer, she has also been busy with her music career.

She has released several successful hits in the past, and fans seem to already love her new single ‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead,’ with the music video having been released on August 6.

However, some fans were quick to spot that Nessa’s music video looked strikingly similar to artist Peach PRC’s video for her song ‘Josh.’

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After a fan pointed out the similarity in a comment that read “Nessa’s music video is such a copy of your music video,” Peach uploaded a TikTok that compared some of the key shots from each video.

While some commenters said they felt Nessa’s video was “a little more than just ‘inspired by'” Peach’s video, others called the comparison a “reach.”

After her video was flooded with hate comments from Nessa’s fans, Peach elaborated more on her stance. “Once again I’m not coming at Nessa, I’m sure it was her team who pitched the idea to her and it’s not her fault, but as a small artist I’m still bummed,” she said.

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Peach PRC comments on TikTok

On Twitter, she went on to say: “Like I’m not even mad? I got a comment, I looked it up and thought wow ok there is a lot of similarities? and made the TikTok. This isn’t a me vs Nessa thing I actually really love the song and if you think my music is sh*t that’s fine but I promise there’s room for us both.”

Peach’s video has over a million views and 100,000 likes, but people in the comments are still divided on the issue.

Nessa has yet to publicly respond at the time of writing.

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