Nerd City “exposes” Lele Pons for editing her Instagram pictures

Eli Becht
L: Lele Pons - Instagram R: Nerd City

Former Vine star-turned-YouTuber Lele Pons has been accused of editing her Instagram images and reshaping them to make her look more appealing by fellow YouTuber “Nerd City.”

Lele Pons’ move from Vine to YouTube couldn’t have gone much better, as she has amassed more than 15 million subscribers on the platform.

Even though each video garners millions of views, she still boasts a fair share of people out there who dislike her.

YouTuber Nerd City underwent an investigation on the social media celeb and claims she has been doctoring her Instagram photos using the “reshape” and “liquify” tools found in programs like Facetune and Photoshop.

In his video on the subject, he showcases several of her images, and highlights numerous ones he believes to be edited and highlights the presumed changes.

With each image, he points out the flaws such as warped tiles, messed up walls on buildings, and numerous other highlights he believes indicates the images have changed.

Nerd City - YouTubeNerd City made a 50-minute video on Lele Pons.

In one instance, takes an image that was posted by both Lele Pons and by her official photographer. In the photographer’s image, he doesn’t find any faults – but can’t say the same for the one she posted.

“What have you idiots done?” he asked. “This looks like a nuclear accident. The glass is turning into soot.”

(Video begins at 44:20)

Of course, none of this information can officially be verified, so it’s important to take it with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusions.

Throughout the video, Nerd City believes that Lele Pons doesn’t hold herself to the same standards that she preaches.

He claims she creates a lot of content about body positivity but then points out that she is allegedly editing her images.

“And despite Lele’s participation in body positivity content and her encouragement to viewers to ‘be yourself,’ Lele doesn’t hold herself to that same standard,” he argued.

Lele Pons isn’t the only creator, or even Vine star, who Nerd City has tried to expose in the past: in October 2018, the YouTuber released a video titled “The Lies of Jake Paul,” and claimed Paul was lying to Shane Dawson about advertising merchandise to his young audience.

There’s no telling who the next YouTuber is that he has in his sights, but whoever it is will no doubt draw a lot of interest.

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