NELK’s Jesse escaped arrest after breaking into ‘Clout House’

Jacob Hale

The NELK Boys have always toed the line between what is and isn’t acceptable on YouTube, but Jesse Sebastiani has now revealed a time he might have gone too far after trying to break into the Clout House.

NELK’s videos have become somewhat of a spectacle in 2020, especially considering the fact that you never know whether YouTube are going to delete it or not – something that has nearly pushed the collective off of the platform.

Though he and the other NELK members have landed in legal trouble in the past for their content, this run-in with the law was actually entirely separate from his videos – instead, it was a drunken mistake that could have gone horribly wrong.

The NELK Boys have met some of the biggest names on the planet thanks to their content.

At one point the NELK boys (Jesse, alongside Kyle Forgeard) were living in the Clout House with the likes of FaZe Banks, RiceGum and Alissa Violet.

Now, Jesse has revealed that there was a time he returned to the house a little worse for wear and after nobody answered the door due to it being 5am, he forced his way in, making a mess and eating all the food he could find.

The only problem was, it wasn’t the Clout House. It was their neighbor. So, as expected, the police were called on him and he was roughed up before being put in the back of the police car, despite his protests that he “lives there.”

(Timestamp 8:15 for mobile viewers)

Luckily for Jesse, he says that someone was actually ordering food at the time and they came out just in time to see everything unfold – and reveal that he did actually live there, but had just got the wrong house.

Clearly Jesse got out of this mess with a little bit of luck, but it could’ve ended up going horribly had he not.

On the plus side, he’ll definitely try to avoid making the same mistake again, no matter how “blacked out” he is – because he might not get so lucky next time.

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