NELK Boys’ Jesse Sebastiani explains why he “hates” being YouTube famous

Virginia Glaze

Member of popular YouTube prank group “The NELK Boys” Jesse Sebastiani has had enough of his internet fame following a practical joke gone wrong just a few days prior.

Although online stardom may seem all sunshine and roses, to Sebastiani, he and the Nelk Boys’ infamous pranks have placed a veritable “target” on their backs, which he opened up about in a somber Tweet on January 28.

The NELK Boys are known for their ridiculous practical jokes and pranks, with their YouTube channel boasting over 3.9 million subscribers due to their antics.

The Nelk Boys’ Jesse Sebastiani opened up about the very real price of being famous.

However, according to Sebastiani, these antics are taking a huge toll on his personal life, claiming that he truly hates being internet famous.

“Honestly love what we do, but f**k, I hate being such a target,” he wrote. “It’s cliche and s**t, but I hate fame. I’ve only had a taste of it, and I already experienced how much you have to give up for this life choice. It sounds petty, but I’ve lost almost everything I use to love about life.”

That’s not all: a fan asked the YouTuber exactly what about the lifestyle caused him to feel this way, prompting further explanation from Jesse that included his apparent loss of normal communication.

“…it’s hard to explain until you’re in it,” he replied. “It’s all exciting, then you realize this is your life. For some, they feed off it. Personally, [I] feel I lost natural interactions, relationships, just doing normal s**t. You’re always the center of attention, every conversation’s about you.”

Although he didn’t mention it as a defining factor for his feelings, Jesse’s concerning social media posts follow a physical assault on fellow Nelk Boy Kyle Forgeard, who was struck by a Walmart customer after fake “sneezing” on them as part of a prank.

A video of the altercation quickly went viral online, proving that not everyone is enthusiastic about practical jokes while going about their daily business — but it certainly doesn’t help the constant attention the group receives.

Jesse isn’t the only content creator to express such sentiments, by far; even stars like Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg have had to beg fans for basic rights like personal privacy after being sabotaged at a drive thru and even having their address leaked.

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