Nate Robinson calls out Jake Paul for rematch for ‘bringing his name up’

Georgina Smith
Jake Paul next to Nate Robinson

Former NBA star Nate Robinson has called out YouTuber Jake Paul for a second fight after Jake compared him to football star Myles Garrett in an interview.

Over the past year, influencer Jake Paul hasn’t slowed down when it comes to his boxing career, fighting several big sporting names and constantly scouting for the next person he could step into the ring with. His August 29 bout with Tyron Woodley is also fast approaching.

Jake’s older brother Logan has also cemented his place in the boxing world, and football star Myles Garrett claimed that he would beat Logan Paul if he were to ever participate in celebrity boxing.

However, Jake wasn’t convinced, and on the 3 Things to Know podcast revealed why he didn’t think much of Myles’ chances. “Stick to football, my friend,” he said. “I like Myles. I have nothing against him, he’s an amazing player. But you saw what happened when Nate Robinson from the NBA tried to get into the ring. People don’t realize it’s a whole different sport.”

Paul and Robinson fought in November 2020, with Paul ultimately taking home the victory with a second-round knockout that has since become a meme.

This comment didn’t go unnoticed by Nate himself, and he shared his thoughts via a tweet posted on August 26.

“Logan got hands but Myles got way too much power… Jake, since you keep bringing my name up I need my get back, on mommas. #jakevsnate2,” he wrote.

While some fans expressed interest in seeing the two stars fight again, others reminded Nate of his defeat the previous time using screenshots from the event.

With Jake having a long list of people he wants to fight next, it’s not clear whether the pair will step into the ring together once again.