Naruto-running anime kid goes viral after bullying attempt backfires

anime kid does a backflipTwitter

A back-flipping, Naruto-running anime fan has gone viral despite the original poster’s attempt to bully the kid.

On August 9, a video was posted to Twitter showing a ginger-haired kid “powering up” before running at a wall and performing a backflip. The clip appears to be from a high school of sorts, although the location isn’t clear.

Following the flip, the kid, along with another guy in Naruto or Dragon Ball Z-like attire, perform a Kamehameha – the signature move of Dragon Ball’s main protagonist, Goku.

In a caption, the uploader wrote: “You weren’t bullied because you watched anime. You were bullied for this.”

It’s unclear if the user was referring to anime-watchers in general or the kid in particular. Nonetheless, the bullying attempt backfired in a huge way.

The video itself isn’t actually new, having been on YouTube since at least 2017, but that didn’t stop it from spreading like wildfire. In just three days, it amassed over 4.8 million views and plenty of comments from fans voicing their support for the anime kid.

“That’s more impressive than something to pick on someone over. I don’t know anyone that can backflip off a wall into a hero landing like that,” one user remarked.

“See how he landed that flip? Most people couldn’t do that if they tried,” another added.

Even the comments from people who found the Kamehameha part a bit cringey still found the backflip to be impressive, eventually causing the original poster to change his tune.

“Lemme reiterate, after further inspection that flip was sicko mode,” they admitted.

Despite the backflip getting praise, it’s not like everyone who has ever watched Dragon Ball, Z, GT, Super, Heroes or even Abridged hasn’t tried to perform a Kamehameha of their own just for the heck of it.

In the end, it’s nice to see that the internet came together in favor of the kid instead of joining in on the attempt at cyberbullying him over an old video.