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Nadeshot’s real ‘sex is temporary’ tattoo finally revealed by DJ Zedd

Published: 6/Jun/2021 16:34

by Joe Craven


DJ Zedd has hilariously revealed 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s ‘sex is temporary, gaming is forever’ tattoo, after the ex-CoD pro lost a bet with Froste. 

Content creator Froste has forged himself a reputation as an online prankster, regularly collaborating with his friends in The Mob to bring comedic content to his audience. However, the group are no longer together following Mako’s departure, and officially left Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves in May 2021.

It was a bet made between Froste and Nadeshot, though, that led to latter being forced to get a somewhat questionable tattoo. Testing the waters back in February, Froste asked how many RTs it would take for Nadeshot to get a tattoo that reads ‘sex is temporary, gaming is forever’.


The bar was subsequently set at 100,000 and, thanks to the help of Ninja, TimTheTatman and more, Froste smashed the challenge out of the park.

Nadeshot was therefore forced to get a tattoo of the quote Froste has adopted in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner. Many thought that Nade would back out but, on June 5, DJ Zedd revealed an image of Nadeshot’s tattoo.

Despite the font being very small, the message – ‘sex is temporary, gaming is forever’ – is still legible. Nade even quoted the DJ’s tweet, saying: “I told you guys”.

Naturally, many of the content creators responsible for Froste’s tweet hitting the target weighed in to have a chuckle at Nadeshot’s expense.


TimTheTatman came in with a “f**k ya daddy”, while Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop simply replied with a “W”. TSM’s Viss echoed many fans, saying: “Props for doing it”.

Froste, admiring his work, asked: “why tf did Zedd tweet this? LMFAO”. Whatever the reasons behind Zedd tweeting the image, fans were delighted to see that Nade had stuck to his word, swallowed his pride and admitted that gaming is forever.