Nadeshot tells CoD players to quit complaining about MW2: “I don’t get the hate”

Nadeshot wearing 100 Thieves hoodie at deskNadeshot

Call of Duty veteran and 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot has spoken out against CoD players hating on this year’s title Modern Warfare 2.

Despite being one of the most successful CoD launches to date, absolutely smashing sales records, Modern Warfare 2 has had its fair share of criticism from the community.

Critics have taken issue with just about every aspect of the game. From its UI to underwhelming features which the community claims the devs should be “absolutely embarrassed” by.

However, Nadeshot has had enough of the complaints, hitting out at fans still hating on this year’s title.

Nadeshot slams MW2 haters

In a recent December 26 live stream, Nadeshot directly addressed players that can’t seem to be anything but negative about the new Call of Duty.

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“We had a podcast clip from the CouRage and Nadeshot show come up on my FYP page last night. I actually thought I put together a pretty compelling argument and every comment was still so irrationally ignorant where they were just like, ‘no bro this game sucks’,” Nadeshot explained.

“Guys, look, why are we still talking about each Call of Duty every single year like it’s the worst thing that’s ever been created? Like it’s Call of Duty, it’s really not all that different every single year.

“We know the game is not going to be finished when they release it,” he added. “We know there’s going to be problems with X, Y and Z. But, at the end of the day, the core foundational part of Modern Warfare 2 – the guns feel good, and it’s Call of Duty.”

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The 100 Thieves founder continued: “You know what to expect at this point, so I really don’t understand where a lot of the hate comes from.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Nadeshot jump to MW2’s defense. Just after the game’s launch, the popular streamer suggested the backlash and criticism for the game may be a bit much.