Modern Warfare 2 players claim Infinity Ward should be “embarrassed” by game’s state

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Modern Warfare 2 fans have again hit out at the devs, claiming that Infinity Ward should be “absolutely embarrassed” by the game’s current state.

Modern Warfare 2 has received its fair share of criticism since its launch, with some players all but giving up hope on the 2022 title already.

Critics have taken issue with numerous aspects of the game, such as the “worst UI in COD history” and “horrible” perk system.

Despite smashing records, topping over $800 million in revenue in just a few days, players have slammed the devs and claimed they should be embarrassed by the game in its current state.

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Modern Warfare 2 players claim devs should be “embarrassed”

Players began expressing their worries in a December 2 Reddit thread, where a slew of issues as well as features that are missing that have been a standard in the franchise for a long-time were noted.

“Look, I love this game as much as the next guy. I won’t lie and say that this isn’t a fun game. This is the most fun I’ve had in a COD in a long time,” a player wrote.

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“BUT, Infinity Ward really needs to take a step back and look at the pile of sh*t that is MW2 at the moment. This game is missing so many basic aspects of a COD game and weird decisions surrounding the game that I don’t even know where to begin,” they explained.

The fan continued to point out issues such as the game’s UI, frequent crashes, audio problems and many more.

“I do really love this game, but there really needs to be some change. If this is how the seasons go, I am very worried for the future of MP in MW2.”

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Others chimed in with their thoughts, with one fan claiming that the devs are likely to not care after seeing how much the game has grossed so far. “The amount of money they have made says they won’t GIVE AF!”

“Best part is when they released a patch for the crashes and that caused even more crashes. Gaming in 2022 is such a joke. Every triple A fps game is just a massive failure,” said another.

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While Infinity Ward has noted they’re aware of numerous issues on the developer Trello board, it’s unclear when we should expect changes. With Season 1 Reloaded expected to kick off on December 14, we hopefully shouldn’t be waiting long.

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