Nadeshot explains why he respects NICKMERCS staying on Twitch despite “wild” offers

Nickmercs and Nadeshot side by side pictureFaZe Clan/YouTube: 100 Thieves Cast

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has spoken out on how much he respects streamer and former 100 Thieves man Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff for sticking with Twitch, despite the wild amounts of money being offered by other services to secure top streamers to their platform.

In recent years, we’ve seen a number of top Twitch stars move to the likes of YouTube, Facebook, or the now-defunct Mixer, with huge paydays being offered to tempt them away from the Amazon-owned platform.

While this often means fewer viewers and subscribers, it almost always guarantees the creator earns a solid bag that they wouldn’t otherwise get from Twitch.

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Nick is one streamer who has never strayed away from Twitch, despite his peers heading over to YouTube and other platforms, sacrificing what would no doubt be a huge deposit into his bank account to keep his community in the same place.

In the first episode of his new as-yet-unnamed podcast, Nadeshot was speaking about the emergence of Trainwreck’s Kick platform, as interest around it rises and names start getting linked to it.

He went on to explain why he respected Nick’s reluctance to move, despite the beef between the two. He said: “Obviously everyone likes to talk about the drama between me and NICKMERCS, but I actually have a lot of respect for Nick in staying on Twitch, because I’m sure he had some wild offers.”

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He continued: “Nobody knew that Shroud and Ninja would basically get their contracts accelerated and Microsoft would just pay to make the problem go away and let them back off to Twitch.”

He added that with rumors circulating around the possibility of top Twitch star Kai Cenat joining Kick, if he were in that position, he would still stay on Twitch despite the money on offer.

Nick and Nadeshot haven’t shared many words after their unceremonious split in 2019, and it’s unclear whether there really is still bad blood between the two, Nade clearly still has a lot of respect for the FaZe Clan co-owner.

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