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Nadeshot believes classic CoD maps in Modern Warfare aren’t the answer

Published: 3/Dec/2019 11:18

by Jacob Hale


With the re-introduction of classic Call of Duty 4 maps to Modern Warfare, Nadeshot has explained why he isn’t excited about classic maps being brought back to the franchise.

Modern Warfare has had its fair share of critics since its October 2019 release, with complaints about map design, score-based matchmaking, and overpowered weaponry.

Now, though, they’re bringing back some classic Call of Duty maps for fans to enjoy – for free – which most people are huge fans of. But not everybody.

ActivisionCrash has long been considered one of the best Call of Duty maps of all time.

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After the reveal of Crash, Vacant and Shipment coming back to the franchise in Modern Warfare’s season one content drop, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag seemed somewhat displeased with the return.


In a tweet posted on December 2, he said: “This is my opinion so it may be different from yours — I wish Call of Duty would stop reintroducing old maps into new games. I want incredible new maps to create new memories and experiences. I played Crash and Vacant too many hours to count in multiple games. I want new.”

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Nadeshot makes a good point with this tweet. Each of these maps were originally made for CoD4, but since then Crash has been revisited four times (including in Modern Warfare), Vacant three times, and Shipment four times, and that’s not including the likes of ‘Christmas Crash’.


There’s also definitely an air of nostalgia around so many classic Call of Duty maps – Crash, Terminal, Highrise, Raid and more – that entices both players to play them and developers to want to recreate them.

Whether any of the current maps will go down as “classics” in Call of Duty remains to be seen, but supplementing them with maps people know and love is a safe way of ensuring the player base is happy and can feel comfortable in the game.

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Crash, Vacant and Shipment were made available alongside the season one content drop on December 3, 2019, alongside a bunch of other Gunfight and Ground War maps to match.


Gameplay has already been made available of the new Crash, which features a whole new area and open/closable doors. You might want to take a look at the new design coming to Modern Warfare before you jump into the game.