Myth grossed out after visiting xQc’s streaming set-up: “What the f**k”

Myth alongside image of xQc streaming room full of trashTwitch: Myth

Twitch star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabani was left pretty disgusted when he finally got the chance to visit xQc’s stream set-up in person, describing it in a pretty unusual way.

As he’s risen up the Twitch ranks, becoming arguably the biggest English-speaking streamer around, xQc hasn’t always had time to make sure that his streaming set-up is in tip-top condition.

The former Overwatch star has had many backgrounds over the years, starting small in Canada before heading to the United States and streaming in front of a vertical mattress while in LA. Though, one thing has remained consistent, it isn’t always that tidy.

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Over the years, xQc has disgusted fans with trash and mold-covered plates that have been left around his room. While it’s not the worst that Twitch has ever seen – other streamers have literally not cleaned their rooms in years – it’s certainly enough to leave some fans, and friends, retching.

Myth disgusted by xQc’s Twitch streaming room

In the case of Myth, who does the best xQc impression on the internet, he went to visit his long-time pal in person and finally ventured into his new streaming room – which is a part of Ludwig’s house.

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However, he took to Twitter to voice his dismay at the stench that he encountered. “You would not believe me if I told you what this room smelt like… what the f**k xQc,” he tweeted, with a photo of the room attached.

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“It smells like juicer soup,” Myth added a few moments later, which is certainly quite the description.

Some fans urged him to quickly leave the room, seeing as xQc isn’t feeling all that well at the moment. That, of course, prompted some sympathy from Myth.

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“Wait I did not know this sh*t was going on,” he added. “I feel kinda bad for posting knowing that he’s mad sick rn. Feel better X.”

His pal didn’t respond to the tweets, but you can be sure that it’ll probably get cleaned up now that Myth has put the room publicly on blast.

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