Myth advises Dr Disrespect to “not get involved” after Starfield backlash

Jacob Hale
Myth and Dr Disrespect side by side streaming images

YouTube streamer Myth has given his advice to Dr Disrespect after the mustachioed streamer found himself in hot water over “politics” comments made about Starfield.

While Myth isn’t the high-flying, high-octane Twitch star he was a few years ago, after he rose to stardom on TSM during the peak Fortnite days of 2017-2019, he’s still a mainstay in the streaming world and is well-versed on what works and what doesn’t.

In his September 5 stream, he reached out with a personal message to Dr Disrespect, giving him some advice after the Two-Time found himself at the center of a Starfield-related controversy.

Myth sends “personal message” to Dr Disrespect

In a stream earlier in September, Dr Disrespect revealed he was denied a deal to work with Starfield developer Bethesda due to “past controversies,” and when he noticed the company’s head of publishing, Pete Hines, had his pronouns in his bio, he said that “everything’s starting to make sense.”

The clip went viral and many came out to criticize the Doc, who later insisted that he wants to avoid politics in general.

A few days later, Myth ended up speaking about the debacle, offering some clear advice to Dr Disrespect.

“I think it’s weird when his character gets involved with things his character shouldn’t be getting involved with,” Myth explained. “Like, Doc… Personal message to you bro: Do the character. I love you as a streamer, I think you’re one of the most talented people in this industry. Honestly, I just think, no, it gets the people talking, so I understand that.

“It gets people talking, it gets people chatting, whatever … but I just hope that he doesn’t become like Dave Chappelle.”

He then critiques Chappelle’s content since he was ‘canceled’, complaining about how it is heavily laden with comments about transgender people.

Timestamp 37:38

There’s no telling whether Dr Disrespect will care for Myth’s advice, or if he’ll even receive it, but has insisted that he doesn’t want to involve “politics” in his streams and wants to stay away from topics like those.

Whether he does, though, is another question altogether.

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