MultiVersus hype abound as new fighting game has huge break on Twitch

Multiversus key artWB Games

MultiVersus is taking over Twitch. The new free-to-play fighting game is a real contender in becoming a gaming staple after boasting an impressive first fortnight on the platform, and momentum may even push it past competitors in the space.

The Twitch stats for July 2022 are in, and MultiVersus‘ rapid growth is something to behold.

Having only released on July 19, the game realistically only had the last third of the month to rack in views. Despite such a disadvantage it’s already reached 13,843,696 hours watched — right on track to make a big splash in August.

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MultiVersus appeals to both the casual and try hard gamers. The ranked mode caters towards more competitive oriented players, while the incredibly vast roster of characters is good fun for anyone familiar with the cartoons. After all, what other game allows players to control Lebron James, Batman and Shaggy?

Bugs Bunny, Batman, and more characters from MultiVersusWarner Bros. Interactive
MultiVersus’ insane crossovers and decent free-to-play gameplay has won over Twitch viewers.

To add onto the appeal, the game is free to play and boasts cross platform play and progression. This makes the game very easy to pick up and play — it’s no wonder so many big name streamers, such as xQc, Toast, and HungryBox have been actively streaming the game.

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The developers add regular patch updates and character releases, ensuring the gameplay remains fresh. These updates are great for the game’s longevity, as it shows the MultiVersus’ capability to create a growing appetite for the game’s content.

MultiVersus’ rise on Twitch isn’t quite comparable to Lost Ark or Elden Ring, but there’s potential in the multiplayer fighting game to slowly rise up the platform and challenge direct competitors like Smash Ultimate.

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It also still has a long way to go in contesting some of Twitch’s biggest games — League of Legends, the number one game in July 2022, boasted nearly 10 times the watch time with 121 million hours.

For this early on though, there’s plenty to be hopeful about if you’re just sinking your teeth into MultiVersus.

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