Hungrybox makes wild LeBron James MultiVersus prediction using real NBA stats

Zackerie Fairfax
hungrbox holding lebron james

Super Smash Bros pro Hungrybox has made a wild prediction for the upcoming MultiVersus fighter LeBron James using real NBA stats.

MultiVersus is Warner Bros’ attempt at making a fighting game using fan-favorite characters from a multitude of franchises. And while some of the matchups in more iconic fighting games like Super Smash Bros seem ludicrous, Bugs Bunny vs Arya Stark might take the cake.

With 16 fighters included in the Closed Beta, the 17th character has already been announced. Slamming into MultiVersus when Open Beta begins on July 26, the Space Jam 2 hero and NBA Superstar LeBron James will cross up his opponents.

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While waiting for the character to drop, professional Smash Bros player Hungrybox has been reviewing footage of James’ NBA gameplay to make some wild predictions for the fighter.

Hungrybox predicts LeBron James stats

While the MultiVersus servers were offline to prepare for Open Beta, Hungrybox reviewed some of LeBron James’ gameplay footage. But not footage of the fighting game – went over clips of James’ NBA performances.

More specifically, Hbox was counting the number of frames LeBron stayed in the air when jumping to the rim for a dunk. And in several different clips, he counted 18 frames.

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“18 chat! 18! It’s 18 frames every single time from jump to dunk!” Hbox shouted after his revelation. “I’m not crazy. This is now the fifth dunk I’ve counted. Someone post this right now because we’re gonna see it when he drops, and it’s 18 frames, I’m gonna be the smartest man in the entire world.”

With the legendary athlete landing in MultiVersus later today, Hungrybox will finally get to see if he truly is the smartest man alive.

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Will MultiVersus’ LeBron James soar through the air like Jake from Adventure Time, or will he get the realistic physics treatment like Little Mac in Super Smash Bros?

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