MrBeast stuns fan with $30k prize after beating TommyInnit in Minecraft challenge

. 1 year ago
MrBeast in front of a cartoon themed Minecraft world
YouTube: MrBeast Gaming

YouTuber MrBeast stunned a Minecraft player by giving them a $30,000 prize after they participated in the building of an incredible cartoon-themed ‘country’ in the game.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is well known for spending large amounts of money on his YouTube videos. More often than not, he’s giving these huge sums of money away to friends, fans, and even strangers – however, there’s usually a challenge involved when it comes to getting a prize from MrBeast.

The popular YouTuber has managed to convince people to quit their job for $100,000, challenged a fan to read a humiliating speech for $10k, and countless more random challenges that come with huge rewards.

That’s not just on his main channel. Jimmy also has ‘MrBeast Gaming’, which as the name suggests is reserved for specifically gaming-related challenges, with Minecraft being a big favorite.

MrBeast issues $10k Minecraft parkour challenge
YouTube: MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast often creates Minecraft challenges for his viewers to participate in.

For this new video, Jimmy challenged teams of his fans to build a ‘country’ within an hour, with the promise of  $30k for the nicest one. Even streamers ItsFundy and TommyInnit participated in the video, leading their own teams.

The players got to work, frantically trying to build the best creation they could within the short time limit, and when it came to judging, there was a huge range of different styles.

One group had a Walmart-themed country, another team constructed a replica of Big Ben, along with a huge Among Us themed MrBeast statue. While the futuristic world and the castle were popular builds, the cartoon world was a unanimous favorite among the judges.

Inspired by popular cartoon shows, the country contained many pop culture references, including a statue of SpongeBob along with Sandy’s dome. They filled up the floor with builds, making it look the most complete out of the world.

After picking the cartoon world as the winner, they picked a recipient of the money via a random game, making player Super_cuber the winner of the $30k.

The huge prize had fans in awe, and had many wondering if next time they will have an opportunity to win a large sum of money from a MrBeast gaming challenge in the future.

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