MrBeast shares first thing he’d do as Twitter CEO

MrBeast calling friends in YouTube videoYouTube: MrBeast

In the turbulence following Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, people have asked him to step down and give platform leadership to someone else. MrBeast is a name on that ballot, and he’s got a plan for it he takes over as Twitter CEO.

When Elon Musk put up a Twitter poll to determine whether or not he should step down as CEO, users were in favor of having him step down and giving the keys to Twitter to someone else.

Following the results of the poll, many names have been thrown out there for people who could replace Musk as Twitter CEO, but, if we’re going off of the most popular figure vying for the position, MrBeast would win by a landslide.

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His tweet asking if he could fill the role has almost a million likes at the time of writing, and he’s already got plans for the direction he’d take the social media platform.

MrBeast has a plan if he takes over as Twitter CEO

Twitter implemented (and quickly rescinded) a plan meant to heavily limit users’ ability to share other social media platforms on their account. This is, in part, what prompted Musk’s Twitter poll asking if he should step down.

MrBeast asked if he could take over as Twitter CEO, something that Elon responded to by saying that it wasn’t “out of the question”.

Following Musk’s response, MrBeast teased what his “first order of business” as CEO would be: making Twitter a go-to platform for posting videos rather than a portal meant for linking to other platforms.

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While some Twitter users were completely on board with MrBeast’s plan, others are a bit hesitant. Things like monetization and a more comprehensive video streaming service were some suggestions for things that would have to be implemented to encourage users to post videos.

MrBeast’s approach is almost the polar opposite of Musk’s original plan, and he aims to create a Twitter that can dominate the competition rather than having to restrict it.

It’s hard to say whether or not this would be a step forward for Twitter, and if MrBeast will even take over as CEO in the first place.

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