MrBeast reveals TikTok Creator Fund earnings as platform is slammed for monetization

Connor Knudsen
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MrBeast has revealed his income from TikTok’s Creator Fund amid a wave of criticism concerning the app’s payouts to creators. 

People often wonder what it would take to make a full-time living as an influencer, or even just the value of one viral video.

One person who would be especially familiar with this is the internet superstar MrBeast, who has racked up billions of views on his videos across multiple platforms, including TikTok.

However, even with this impressive view count, that star’s earnings from TikTok’s Creator Fund may shock you.

MrBeast reveals earnings from TikTok Creator Fund

MrBeast slapping himself for teamseas
MrBeast is a king of content, going to extreme lengths to make his videos entertaining for viewers.

MrBeast, for those who already don’t know him, is an extremely popular content creator with over 88 million YouTube subscribers and 32.5 million followers on TikTok.

He creates hilarious content, sometimes going incredibly far to make impressive dreams come to life (as seen with his Squid Game recreation, for example).

But how much does the creator take home from his impressive videos? The answer, at least from TikTok, may be much lower than you would expect.

In a January 21 tweet responding to another creator’s earnings post, MrBeast revealed that he’s only made $14,910.92 from TikTok’s Creator Fund, with his account likely having “over a billion views,” according to MrBeast.

This comes amid ongoing pressure from creators for TikTok to increase their revenue sharing, as MrBeast isn’t the only one taking home a lackluster payday.

Much of this was started by Hank Green, who posted a YouTube video slamming the app on January 20 that already has over 150,000 views.

This pressure makes sense when you look at a creator like MrBeast, who isn’t even earning a standard full-time wage off of one of the app’s most successful accounts.

It’s unclear yet if TikTok will make any adjustments to their platform’s payout structure. If they choose not to, it’s likely only a matter of time before more creators start demanding more for their work.

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