TikToker Daniel Larson to remain in jail due to “mental illness”

Dylan Horetski
daniel larson looking into the camera

TikToker Daniel Larson will remain in jail for the entirety of his ongoing case after he allegedly threatened to blow up several government buildings, including the White House.

On May 1, 2024, popular TikToker Daniel Larson was arrested and charged with several counts of “Use or Threatened use of explosive material” after he allegedly threatened to blow up the White House, FBI headquarters, and several government buildings in Colorado.

A detention hearing took place on May 10, 2024, with the United States requesting that Larson remain in custody for the duration of his trial. This request was granted, and an Order of Detention from the Judge explained the reasoning behind keeping him in jail.

“Mr. Larson appears to have mental health issues. He has been homeless for years, and it was represented by counsel that he makes some money from his internet posting and may receive social security benefits. He is unemployed and has no stable place to live,” it reads.

It goes on to mention that it was unclear whether Larson was going to act on his threats, but they still caused significant harm. “At least with respect to the non-profit center, it had to be evacuated and its operations were adversely affected for hours,” the judge said.

The judge also said that Larson was advised to quit making threats to the FBI, but ignored the request and continued doing so.

“In addition, it was represented by the United States that Mr Larson’s conduct appears to be escalating, including recent statements to the effect that he has “been to jail” and learned “how to make a bomb,” it added.

The judge also mentioned that Larson has four prior warrants for failure to appear in court, and has also failed to complete a requested mental health evaluation. Due to everything listed, the Judge decided that Larson being released would not assure the safety of the community or that he would appear to trial as required, and would remain in custody.

At the time of writing, the TikToker is being held at Clear Creek County Jail in Colorado.

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