MrBeast revels in Jimmy Kimmel’s attempt to describe his YouTube career

MrBeast smiling on Jimmy Kimmel LiveYouTube/Jimmy Kimmel

YouTube stars MrBeast and Mark Rober joined Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss their TeamSeas project, but it was the host’s explanation of MrBeast that got the most laughs.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has become YouTube’s most generous creator, giving away millions of dollars to his partners, fans, and fellow influencers.

When he’s not making people hold on to a box for a million dollars or hosting a massive game of hide and seek in an NFL stadium, he’s working alongside charities to help people and causes who need it most.

Previously, Donaldson and his team launched the #TeamTrees movement where they looked to raise $20 million to plant 20 million trees. They did so just days before their deadline and now the YouTuber has started #TeamSeas – looking to clean up 30 million pounds of waste from the oceans.

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mark rober mr beastYouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast has teamed up with fellow YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober to kickstart his TeamSeas effort to raise $30 million to clean the world’s oceans.

Like with TeamTrees, the #TeamSeas movement has gotten off to an impressive start, raising over 10.5 million in only a few days. In promoting the new campaign, MrBeast and fellow YouTuber Mark Rober joined Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the idea including why they got involved and who they’ve gotten to donate.

Though, as he tried to introduce his guests, Kimmel wasn’t quite sure how to properly describe YouTube’s favorite philanthropist. “MrBeast, you are famous for… you’re kind of a stuntman and not in the traditional sense,” he started.

That piqued the YouTuber’s interest who wanted to see how the description would go. Ultimately, he was left grinning and laughing as Kimmel explained how he makes himself “uncomfortable” just to give away “a lot of money with “insane” tasks.

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Circling back to the charity, though, the YouTubers managed to get a $10,000 donation from the late-night host as he took two of their campaign hoodies off them for the low, low price of $5000 each.

Ultimately, he noted that what they were doing was “fantastic” and applauded their efforts, which might now end up getting some bigger donations after their moment in the mainstream spotlight.