Mr Beast’s #TeamSeas raises mind-blowing amount after less than a week

Shay Robson

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is looking to help the world again with the #TeamSeas campaign, and in just three days the YouTube sensation has raised over $6M to clean up the oceans with the help of the internet.

For those familiar with MrBeast, you may remember the YouTuber’s ambitious goal in the fall of 2019, where he set out to raise $20M to plant 20M trees by the end of the year.

The internet completely smashed the goal out of the park – with the fundraiser still even receiving generous donations every day.

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Well, MrBeast is looking to do some more good and topple his last fundraiser, once again teaming up with the world’s biggest creators in a bid to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of trash from our oceans with the #TeamSeas initiative.

mrbeast team seasTeamSeas
#TeamSeas has a goal of $30,000,000 to raise by the end of 2021.

In just three days since the launch of Team Seas, the internet has exceeded expectations. So far, over $6.6M has been raised, achieving more than 20% of the campaign’s goal, with plenty of time left until the end date of January 1st.

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The highest donation yet is $1M from The Bikoff Foundation, where they matched all donations up to $1M on October 30. Of course, the internet jumped at the opportunity and made sure the foundation paid up as much as it could.

Other donators include YouTube themselves with $400,000, as well as a fair share of content creators like PrestonPlayz & Brianna, Milad Mirg, and musician Alan Walker.

All donations to Team Seas will go directly to two non-profit organizations, Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup. The money will go towards volunteer clean-ups and the same robots that were featured in Mark Rober’s video that picks up trash flowing down rivers to stop the problem.

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With such a strong showing of support in Team Seas’ early days, it seems like the campaign will smash the goal of $30m with relative ease.

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